Fauna of Portland Park

Portland Park is home to a rich diversity of animals and insects. Here a small selection of some of things to see from butterflys to snakes.
  • Common Blue Butterfly

    Common Blue

  • Grass Snake

    Grass Snake

  • Meadow Brown Butterfly

    Meadow Brown

  • Water Vole

    Water Vole

  • Six-spot Burnet moth

    Six Spot Burnet - Moth

Further information and resources
Please see below for further information, related links and additional resources to the animals and insects that frequent Portland Park.
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Grass Snake Credit: Stephen Courtney (user:biocruiser)
Six Spot Burnet Credit: "Sechsfleck-Widderchen Bild 2" by Flugwapsch62 - Own work.
All other photography © 2014 David Chadburn. All Rights Reserved.
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